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Our history

Pinturas International CA ( PICA ) was born on December 23, 1952 by International Paint in the city of Maracaibo, Zulia state, in response to the request of the Royal-Ducth Shell company to provide support in maintenance activities at its facilities.


In 1973 it was acquired by Corporación Grupo Químico CA. thus venturing into the industrial paint market.  


Corporación Grupo Químico CA. in turn, it is made up of a business group specialized in different areas of the chemical products market, including:

  • Venezuelan CA of Paintings.

  • Integrated Chemistry CA INTEQUIM.



At Pinturas International CA, a company dedicated to the commercialization of coatings for industrial and marine maintenance, we develop our activities through strategic planning of processes, oriented to the satisfaction of our clients, markets, consumers, the community and all interested parties, in the framework of the following commitments:


  • Close and effective communication.

  • We innovate and learn.

  • We act in a sustainable way.

  • We identify the risks and opportunities to ensure the achievement of the objectives.

  • We recognize human capital and its leadership as a fundamental pillar of management systems.

  • We efficiently use available resources.

  • We comply with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements pertinent to the context of the organization in terms of quality, safety and occupational health.

  • We prevent injuries and illnesses in our staff.

  • We continually improve the effectiveness of management systems.

steel-pipelines-and-cables-in-plant (2).


  1. Ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

  2. Ensure the satisfaction of our collaborators.

  3. Strengthen the empowerment of our employees.

  4. Ensure the quality of the products marketed by managing the optimal cost.

  5. Promote and maintain healthy and safe working conditions.

  6. Strengthen relationships with the community.

  7. Continuously improve the effectiveness of management systems .

steel-pipelines-and-cables-in-plant (2).


  • We feel the company as our own.

  • We communicate clearly and closely.

  • We are agile and flexible.

  • We innovate and learn.

  • We value people.

  • We are passionate about serving.

  • We act in a sustainable way.


INTEGRITY: We are characterized by honesty, truth and rectitude in each of our actions.

RELIABLE: We operate our processes safely, we promote self-care and that of our stakeholders.

EXCELLENT: We are passionate about being the best in serving our customers.

RESPECTFUL: For people, laws, the environment and diversity.

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